Consensus 2019 hype?

Consensus is one of the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency annual gatherings around the world, with last year’s Consensus having over 8000 attendees vs the expected 4000. This year’s Consensus takes place in New York from 13-15 of May.

Consensus 2019 will host as speakers many interesting people. From company CEOs, like Yoni Assia the CEO and co-founder of eToro trading platform, to professors like Antonis Polemitis who also is Chief Executive Officer at the University of Nicosia.

Consensus is a highly anticipated event where entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, traders, developers, academics and students explore, collaborate and debate the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This is an event, with many exceptional networking opportunities that everyone should watch.

The Consensus event hype.

If you noticed, some days prior to Consensus 2019, the majority of cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin as leader, have pumped really hard (1). This is not something that should surprise us.

If you are in the space for some time now, you have to remember that Consensus events are expected to pump prices prior to their start, and peak during the event. As for after the event, price usually dumps.

Bitcoin price graph 2019. (1)

That was the case in Consensus of 2018, were price started pumping from April 1 to May 5 which at that point found resistance at 10000$ and started dumping before it reaches the event’s date (2).

Bitcoin price graph 2018

This year though, price was much lower when the pump started on April 1st, giving bitcoin a lot of room to draw a parabolic price line that made people go crazy over the last few days.

Consensus 2019: The start of a bull run or history repeats itself?

I never believed that history repeats but it rather rhymes, therefore I am expecting some kind of correction in the next few weeks that could be around 20-30% similar to the previous correction that happened in the Consensus of 2018, that was around 40%.

But what the bulls have to say about that? For the time being, bulls doesn’t seem to care very much. Even the recent bad news of the Binance hack, didn’t really have an impact on the price. Making the the forthcoming period very unpredictable.

This article has no intention of giving financial advise to it’s readers.

If you interested in learning more about the Consensus event you can check the following link.


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