Energy and Bitcoin

After Elon Musk’s latest tweet, about energy and Bitcoin I couldn’t resist to not answer to Elon. So, I played a little with numbers. Now, we have a statement that ...
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Bitcoin is here to stay

Bitcoin is Here To Stay

*Any opinions about economy in this article are mine aren’t meant to be used as a financial advice. So far it has been a wild ride for Bitcoin and almost ...
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corona virus

Corona Virus, Global Economy and Cryptocurrencies

As the world burns the past few weeks, I will take a step forward and talk about the global economy and crypto in correlation to the corona virus pandemic. As ...
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2020 crypto

Let 2020 Be a Better Year For Crypto!

Would 2020 be a better year for crypto? I haven’t written anything in weeks, mostly because not much were happening even if we thought they were. And yes, I mean ...
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Cicada 3301 Satoshi Nakamoto

Could Satoshi Nakamoto be connected to Cicada 3301?

There are the times that you get into the rabbit’s hole and your mind is endlessly traveling inside thoughts. All you need is a question, the right one of course ...
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