The Scammers, Facebook and the “Bitcoin Cloud Mining”

“The Scammers, Facebook and the “Bitcoin Cloud Mining” ” title sounds like a title of movie in the start. It might not have the same plot but it is certainly describes a phenomenon inside the crypto community that it needs to alert us and activate us all to take some serious actions.

I want to say beforehand that the following paragraphs are all true and can be validated by the person who happens to be an excellent guy and has the same view as me on the subject. He is also part of the story as he was very cooperative and friendly.

Last night, around midnight, I saw a great post on one of Facebook’s biggest groups( in popularity around 96k members) about Bitcoin. It was a post written by the Admin of the group. The post was a very clear alert to the scammers that have been part of the group and have been harassing the group’s wall, with various posts that lead to scams.

The Scammers Dirty Tricks

Most of the them were the classic posts with a photo of a bitcoin transaction with a random amount, that have been delivered to the person who posted by e-mail. This was used as a method to “prove” that everything is legit. Funny story? If you just clicked on the person’s profile name, you would see as fast as your internet connection lets you that the profile was created during 2019 and looked very suspicious in many ways.

Of course there were others too. Most of them were promising insanely high investment gains with ridiculously low amounts of money. I would tell you an example, “Invest 10$ to make 2000$ in a day!”. From “Cloud mining services” and extended to even trading opportunities but I won’t say more you get the point very clear.

I will continue to the next part. The part where I said “Finally! A true post about the situation, good job admin.” and continued to write a reply and agree with the ban alert.

In the comment, I agreed with the fact that from now on if someone is promoting a scam of any kind will be banned. And I ended writing, that I have identified many scam sites and projects, and that the community should help protect the new people and also to discuss about more educational subjects.

I pressed enter and after 5 minutes I suddenly get banned by the group. The first thought that came into my mind, was that one of the Admin/Mods who I had no clue who are they were, kicked me out because he was potentially protecting some kind of scam.

I reached to the Admin somehow, with a message, that I have to be honest was aggressive enough, without being impolite though. He read it right away and I saw by the was he spoke that he had no clue of the situation.

Facebook Needs to Give Consensus Governing Mechanics to Group Members

We agreed that maybe an other member of the group have reported my comment and because the Admin/Mod team is very small in comparison to the population of the group it was a mistake click by someone who misread my comment.

In the end we had a very friendly conversation about what it needs to be done, in order to prevent more of those scam posts as well as who we are and what we are doing in the crypto community.

After we finished talking with the Admin he offered me the position of Mod to help him and the other few members of the core Admin/Mod team. I accepted his offer and we agreed to make the group a place were people make interesting conversations, as well as protecting the new guys from getting scammed by posting more educational material. As, they were a few posts where legit people on Facebook that told they were scammed and posted to warn others to avoid a specific person.

We also agreed to find more educated people on the subject of Bitcoin and decentralization to help us reshape the group.

In the end, a mistake led me into meeting a very friendly and polite person and also gave me the chance to help the crypto space a bit more to build a lighthouse of objective awareness.

The Scammers, Facebook and the "Bitcoin Cloud Mining"

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