The Game Of Bitcoin In The Real World

You are probably wondering why I picked a title like that. Well “The Game Of Bitcoin”, really suits in what I will talk about. If you are familiar with any kind of game, you should know that a game is basically a world of unlimited limits.

Bitcoin for the very first time set a real game with real impact. The game started in 2009, and it was a creation of Satoshi Nakamoto. As to if Satoshi Nakamoto is a single person or a group of people, we don’t really know. Also most of us don’t really care, or we?

The Bitcoin Hero

For this article to make any sense, you must think Bitcoin as a game or as if Bitcoin was the main player in that game. So in order for a game to begin we need a hero, villains and an endgame quest. In case of Bitcoin, we had the endgame quest(Liberate economy), we had the villains(Centralized Financial Entities) but we missed the hero.

This is the part where Satoshi enters. Figuring out how to create a hero that can be born and train in what Bitcoin is today. Because just making a hero for the eyes of the world will result in what happened to PayPal or Facebook’s Libra.

So the hero had to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This will be the hero’s most used ability the reason to be born and the reason to live on. Also is an ability that is not known to any of the “villains”. For Bitcoin to acquire this ability, Satoshi think and looked very much.

There were examples by others on how an ability like that can work. But not quite as much as Satoshi wanted. It was a good start though. After many long nights and days, the ability was ready. Satoshi was even stumbled on how he did it. Some old work, some genius moments here and there and the commitment to create the greatest hero was the recipe.

The hero can now be born and no one can lay a finger on him. Bitcoin won’t care about who you are or what part of the world you are. Bitcoin will only care that you are. That is the reason Bitcoin will get the power of many.

The New Player In Finance

Every good game needs a good starting point. Too soon and people will miss it or too late and people will dismiss it. So I guess the well known newspapers title “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”, was a fine moment to let the “villains” know that the game is starting.

Creating an economy outside the established economy was the first quest bitcoin had. At first, there were basically geeks doing geeky stuff with Bitcoin. Let’s admit it you have something that is digital, you know the first people who will use it, will be geeks. But not all geeks are good. So you have the geeks that connect to deep web. So these geeks made something for themselves or let criminals know about Bitcoin and how to use it. And Bitcoin was way to good for that back in the days.

In the start no one paid any attention. Bitcoin was traded over illegal goods on the deep web more than geeky stuff on the internet. But at some point it had to stop. And it did. No more Silk Road and other similar sites. The thing is that because of that, people did notice it. Not everyone want to trade illegal stuff but many wants to trade without supervision by anyone.

This is where our hero survived the first stage. Dealing with bad geeks and drug dealers to steal some of their power to kick start his own economy. Now the hero will stand against the “villains” because he proved he cannot die that easy.

Bitcoin To The Masses

Now is the stage where Bitcoin deals with way more people than before. Bitcoin’s ability to be anywhere and nowhere is a double-edged sword. Bitcoin has to have an equilibrium of all the people’s wishes, bad or good. So in order for the hero to win in the battlefield of economy, he has to make people know him better. Not for what he is but for what he stands for.

This the part that the game has real impact to the real world by the real world. But being part of the real world is hard. Not because the world is hard, but we made him in a way. Also the real world has real people who can do everything for money. Since one of our hero’s properties is value, some people will want some of it.

The Game of Bitcoin Is Still On

Today the hero struggles but endures. He is being toyed by a few while he is trying to save many. This is the real world where good stuff are used for bad reasons. The hero is still meeting with more people and he is getting stronger every day. And stronger doesn’t mean value in dollars but value in life.

This is the hero’s endgame quest, “Liberate economy “. You can’t count it in dollars but value in everyday life. If I can name the quest chain we are now, I would probably call it “The Battlefield Of Financial Systems”. One which I believe Bitcoin would easily survive.

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