Someone is Trying to Trademark “Samsung Coin”

What happens when someone tries to trademark a big company’s name into a crypto coin with the name “Samsung Coin”? The short answer is that probably in the future both sides gonna be fighting in the court about whether or not it was legal to do that or not.

Of course we are talking about the case of a South Korean guy by the name Kim Nam-jin, who tries to trademark “Samsung Coin”. As you can understand he doesn’t have any affiliation with Samsung.

“Samsung Coin” and “ThinQ Wallet”

In the Past Samsung has announced its intention to launch a cryptocurrency wallet on its newest mobile phones. If they want to launch their own crypto coin the trademark could impose several problems that they will have to solve in the court house if the fillings of the trademark passes.

The KIPO database shows that Kim Nam-jin also filed an application on July 10 seeking to trademark “ThinQ Wallet.”

However, on July 2, LG Electronics, also based in South Korea, filed trademark applications both in South Korea and in the U.S. for “ThinQ Wallet.”

Based on the LG application details, the wallet would provide a variety of mobile services including “software platform for blockchain” and “mobile electronic wallet for cryptocurrency.”

Samsung Coin

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