Bitcoin Doesn’t Care About Market “Gravity”

Bitcoin is in a ridiculously good mood the last few days, after touching $13000 today. We wake up everyday and the price is $1000 up, like it's a normal thing ...
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Bitcoin Price rocket

Bitcoin Price Hits 9800! Altcoins follow

Bitcoin continues to surge in the past few days hitting almost $9800 today. Bitcoin's marketcap is around $174 billion with the trading volume around $20.7 billion and the BTC dominance ...
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Libra is Not a Cryptocurrency

The last few days there is a fuss going around about Libra Coin, Facebook's new "cryptocurrency". People are still confused about what exactly Libra coin is, if they going to ...
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The Reality Behind Visa B2B Connect

Visa Inc. has launched a multilateral payment network (B2B Connect) that enables cross-border transactions directly between any banks connected to the platform for a more consistent and streamlined payment experience ...
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Blockchain companies DEPOSITPHOTOS

10 Blockchain Companies of the Decentralized Future

Following Token News latest post on medium, here are the 10 Blockchain companies to play a big part in the decentralized future. The companies are not in any particular order ...
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