When Bitcoin and Poetry Sleep Together

You are probably wondering if you got click baited by the title or not. Well, you didn't. Now you are expecting to read some Bitcoin poems, and you will. It ...
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Trons police raid fake news

TRON’s Office “Raid” Was Fake News

Apparently, the news that allegedly wanted TRON's offices to be "raided" by the police on Monday morning, were fake news. The real story thought was far more interesting than anyone ...
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Is Bitcoin Mining Still a Good Investment?

Many people today, after the rise of BTC price, are considering to start Bitcoin mining. But is this a good long term investment? The reality is, that it depends on ...
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Financial Wars

Are financial wars about to start? Big tech Corps establish an Association where they will try to obtain more power though money, on the other side banks and governments will ...
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Bitcoin Whales

Bitcoin in the Ocean of Whales

The past two weeks Bitcoin's price have been up and down numerous times. Watching the charts, the only thing anyone could get was a bad headache. This fast and parabolic ...
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