World of warcraft

How World of Warcraft Beats Venezuela’s Economy

What could World of Warcraft may have in common with Venezuela? The economic part of course. But in this part, WoW wins, and wins because its virtual currency ( Gold ...
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Justin Sun and “The Lunch-a-Lot”

If we could give a name to 25 of this month, "The Lunch-a-Lot" fits the circumstances. Even if is it mostly hype fueled, the long-awaited lunch that Justin Sun arranged ...
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The Scammers, Facebook and the “Bitcoin Cloud Mining”

"The Scammers, Facebook and the "Bitcoin Cloud Mining" " title sounds like a title of movie in the start. It might not have the same plot but it is certainly ...
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Bitcoin Down 14% in A Day – Total Market Cap Bleeds 30$ Billion

What goes up must go down. Everyone knows that, even if we don't like it the same goes for bitcoin and altcoins. Investors woke up this morning to see the ...
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The Immediate Need for Decentralized Platforms

As things move forward and countries around the world working on legislation or even ban on cryptocurrencies, the need for decentralized platforms becomes more and more urgent. If you think ...
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