Bitcoin warrior

Bitcoin The Legendary Immortal Warrior

If Bitcoin was a living being, it would for sure be a legendary immortal warrior, as it has died and came to life more than 350 times since its conception ...
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Bitcoin arrow marketcap

Bitcoin Gains 8,5% While Unique Addresses Drop 28.5%

Today Bitcoin's price gained 8,5% reaching $11850 at some point. In the last 6 days, the king of cryptocurrencies show a total 25% increase from $9400 to $11750. Bitcoin Price ...
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PlusToken Exit Scam, The 3 Billions and CloudToken

On June 27th, PlusToken users claimed they cannot withdraw funds from their wallet. The price rate of PLUS's internal token has not change since June 29th. Investors now assume that ...
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Photographer: studioEAST/Getty Images AsiaPac

How Close Are We To A New Monetary System?

How Close Are We To A New Monetary System? Looking at history can sometimes give us interesting information about the present. History may not repeat itself but it certainly rhymes ...
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Bitcoin Hashing Power Is 8 Times More Powerful Than It Was On Its All Time High Price

It is a year and a half since the previous all time high at $20k. Since then, Bitcoin hashing power has become 8 times more powerful, reaching 79.7 EH/s on ...
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