Crypto lost

Crypto Lost 45 Billions In Four Days

In fewer than 4 days crypto lost around 45 billion dollars. Bitcoin is priced at $8050 and Ethereum at 166$. But is this really the bottom? To answer this question, ...
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BTC Down 17% In 2 Days

BTC down 17% in 2 days. But it had happened before. As of September 25, BTC has lost 17% of its value and it even touched 22% losses, but came ...
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altcoins surge

Altcoins Surge 8-10% While Bitcoin Dominance Goes Down

From September 14th until today we saw altcoins surge from 8-10% while Bitcoin market dominance started to fall at the current 67.6%. Many see it as an indicator that the ...
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biggest bubbles

Are Cryptocurrencies The Biggest Bubble?

Are cryptocurrencies the biggest bubble in economy in our days? This is what many adversaries of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies saying when they want to strengthen their points. But is this ...
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Token World

How A Token World Would Look Like

Though something like this is never going to happen, it is quite interesting to see how the world would look like if everything had its own token. What could be ...
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