Opera Now Supports Bitcoin on Android

Opera now supports Bitcoin on Android, nearly a year after it first introduced a built-in crypto wallet.

This means Opera users can now carry out Bitcoin transactions directly in the browser without needing any extensions.

The Norwegian company first teased a crypto wallet for its Android app last July in private beta, before launching it to the public in December. This made it the first of the major browsers to support cryptocurrencies natively. The company later expanded support to Opera on the desktop app and on iPhone.

Opera’s crypto wallet until now only supported Ethereum. But back in July the company announced plans to support both Bitcoin and the Tron cryptocurrency and blockchain.

They had been available in beta, but with today’s news both crypto networks are now officially supported in the main Opera Android app.

It’s worth noting that while the browser has limited its Bitcoin expansion to Android for now. We can likely expect support to land on other Opera platforms in the future. Its recent launch history has shown that it usually starts with Android, followed by desktop, and then iOS.

source cointelegraph.com

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