Nicolas Maduro Orders Top Bank to Make Petro Available to Public

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has requested one of the country’s biggest banks to enable clients to access to his disputable cryptocurrency, the petro.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Finance tweeted the news late on Wednesday at an occasion denoting the tenth commemoration of the Bank of Venezuela (BoV), citing Maduro as saying (via informal translation):

“I give the express order for transaction counters for The Petro to be opened in all Bank of Venezuela agencies.”

While there are no further details about this act, the move is probably expected to permit BoV clients to purchase and store petros.

The move comes as the latest effort by the president to force Venezuelan establishments to spice up use of his crypto pet project.

Nicolas Maduro launched the petro early last year as a method to sidestep economic sanctions and has since ordered banks to use the token – that is claimed to be pegged to the country’s wealthy oil reserves – as well as state-owned corporations.

He has additionally commanded that installments for international IDs ought to be made in petros – a potential method for moderating the mass migration of individuals from the vexed country, as petros are not promptly accessible to the people.

The petro has in addition been connected to the new national folding money, the sovereign bolivar, and even pegged advantages and compensation frameworks to the token.

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