New York Times Believes Blockchain Can Help Fight Fake News

At the core of a new research project of the New York Times seems to be blockchain technology. With this new project New York Times wants to make ” the origins of journalistic content clearer to its audience.”

“The News Provenance Project” is the name NY Times call the undertaking. It will experiment with ways to combat misinformation in the news media. The first project will focus on using blockchain-specifically a platform designed by IBM-to prove that photos are authentic.

“we might in theory provide audiences with a way to determine the source of a photo, or whether it had been edited after it was published.”

Sasha Koren, Project Leader

New York Times May Do It

Proving the authenticity of journalistic content, using blockchain, has long been considered a potential application of the technology. Until now, the attempts to do it haven’t been so fruitful. If the New York Times manages to develop a compelling application, they have enough influence to change the way news are distributed with a high chance to fight fake news and win.

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