Justin Sun Appears But Not With Warren Buffett

Yesterday was the long-awaited lunch of Justin Sun with Warren Buffett, but it didn’t happen. Justin Sun cancelled the meeting on Monday night, using TRON Foundation’s twitter account, due to illness reason.

Some rumors suggested that Justin Sun has been detained for money laundering. The rumors turned out be fake, as Justin Sun chose an odd way to show the world that he is well and alive and also not detained.

TRON founder attended a Tron-organized party on Thursday night in San Francisco. Earlier on the same day, BitBoy tweeted a photo with Justin Sun, basically disapproving all the rumors.

The “Justin Sun” Weekly Saga

So, what really happened? In an attempt to validate if the illness could be the real reason behind the cancellation, I looked up about the symptoms of kidney stones illness. The symptoms are not something anyone wants to have during a very important lunch. Also the symptom of a pain that comes and goes and ranges in severity, might be the reason why Justin Sun feels much better now.

On the other hand, many are saying that this is a marketing plan from Justin Sun’s side, to further make his name go around the social media and receive more attention.

Until now there is no official announcement regarding the new date of the meeting.

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