Justin Sun and “The Lunch-a-Lot”

If we could give a name to 25 of this month, “The Lunch-a-Lot” fits the circumstances. Even if is it mostly hype fueled, the long-awaited lunch that Justin Sun arranged with Warren Buffet, would be certainly interesting.

As we close in to the event, more and more people are joining as guests. The Head of Binance’s Blockchain charity Foundation and UNIDO (the United Nations Industrial Development Organization) Goodwill Ambassador Helen Hai followed Yoni Assia, founder and CEO of eToro, example and joined the table with Justin Sun and Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet is a clever man, and it will be interesting to see if the people in the table can win over what Buffett’s advisers have told him about crypto and Bitcoin until now. It would be a game of words with the 3rd richest man on the planet.

The scenarios of “The Lunch-a-Lot”

There are three possible scenarios about the outcome of the lunch.

The first is that Warren Buffett is a man whose time worth a lot and he just sold it to the higher bidder, simple as that. They would have a good talk with nice food and wine and after that, everyone will go home.

The second scenario, the most optimistic of the three, is that if something, that will be discussed in the lunch, clicks in Warren Buffett’s head and make him ask more questions. The best way to turn the table is to feed ones curiosity. If that happens it will an opportunity for the people in the table, to debunk what Warren Buffett may have heard and know about cryptos and blockchain technology.

The third scenario, the pessimistic one, is that Warren Buffett, who is 88 years old now, lived in a century where wars are menacing, and from all that he saw his beloved country dominating the world. Imagine someone telling you that the empire you have built for so long and based upon an other empire that dominates the world economy, is old and have to change. This would make him feel that he is in a situation that he has to defend. Nothing good will come out of that.

In the end, it will all have to do with the right choice and combination of words. But we will see in three days, until then the only thing to do are wild speculations.

The lunch

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