The Immediate Need for Decentralized Platforms

As things move forward and countries around the world working on legislation or even ban on cryptocurrencies, the need for decentralized platforms becomes more and more urgent.

If you think that governments and big corporations won’t affect our freedom in the near future, I have some real life examples for you.

U.S. congress sent a letter to Facebook and told them to halt all their activities regarding Libra – Facebook’s “cryptocurrency” and Calibra – Facebook’s wallet app.

India has announced a ban on all cryptocurrencies, and even working on jail sentences for those who have or trade cryptos.

Article 13 of E.U. is a crime against freedom of speech on the internet and will be decided on September of this year.

There are many more examples for acts against our freedom in many levels of our daily life. I think the future is here, and what most of us were afraid of, is coming and it is coming fast. So what we can really do about it?

Decentralized Platforms, The Answer of People

The answer for me is pretty straight forward, decentralized platforms of all kind. People worked together in the past to build Bitcoin and make it what it is today.

The same people and even more, have to work together and start building a new free internet based on decentralization. Even if the majority of the population doesn’t even care about it, decentralized platforms will play a very strategic role in the future of our freedom.

Decentralized platforms will be the flag in the technological revolution, a flag that we have to put in the highest place for everyone to see and understand.

The crypto-community must join hands together and start building again. Like it did in the past when Satoshi showed us the way.

Decentralized Platforms

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