Gods Unchained New Crypto Card Game

Gods Unchained is a new crypto card game developed by Immutable Games. The game is similar to Blizzard’s mega-hit Hearthstone but built for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The first card game to feature that logic, where cards have their own money value was good old classic, Magic: The Gathering, where someone could sell a very unique and rare physical card for up to $10000 on e-bay.

Gods Unchained takes advantage of the blockchain technology and more accurately Ethereum’s platform to create a unique digital combination of those two games expanding the possibilities for the players.

Gods Unchained Makes Player “The God” Of Its Own Digital Items

Traditionally, items in games are owned outright by the companies that create them. When you buy in-game items, like a favorite skin for your character, you don’t own it – the game company licenses it to you.

By using blockchain technology, the game change this to give players real ownership over the items they purchase or earn in games. Players could sell an item for real money if they no longer wanted it, they could remove it from the game to use in other games, and best of all the game developer wouldn’t be able to destroy the value or power of that item to force players to buy the next DLC.

Game Features

It appears that Gods Unchained gameplay is very similar to hearthstone and also features some other characteristics to make the game even more unique.

  • THE SPOILS AWAIT YOU: Gain the edge with 380 cards exclusive to the presale. Outlast the opposition and win ultra-rare rewards.
  • JOURNEY TO THE CITADEL: A competitive, balanced and strategic TCG. The 1v1 card battling style you know and love, but with meaningful and delightful differences.
  • ADAPTIVE STRATEGIES: Choose one of five God Powers after matching your opponent. Will you go with a standard power, or a one-time use ultimate?
  • CHOOSE YOUR DEVOTION: Pledge allegiance to one of six unique Gods (don’t worry, the others are always open to converts). Each possess their own distinct playstyle reflecting their rich and colorful personalities.
  • ROTATING GAME MODES: Ever wanted to pick your opponents cards in the ultimate troll match? Or create your own private tournament rules? Insanely fun custom gameplay and regular community-voted competitions.
  • NEVER PLAY ALONE : Outplaying your opponent has never been more fun with live (muteable) in-game chat. Make friends, or trash talk and spam “sorry!”… The choice is yours.

Blockchain Gives Games A Touch of Uniqueness

Gods Unchained is not the only game that makes the players feel unique about their stuff. Earlier this year, World Of Ether and Cheese Wizards were released both built on top of blockchain giving similar sense of uniqueness to their players.

As for the funding numbers speak for themself. Gods Unchained has raised $15 million in a round led by Naspers Ventures. We have to note that Micheal Novogratz also participated in the Series A funding round.

To whether there is a trend towards blockchain games is yet unclear, but the idea itself is very attractive. I don’t think there is a gamer who doesn’t want to own his digital goodies.

source coindesk.com

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