First English Crypto Mining Event in China

The first English crypto mining event in China on 12th of October 2019.

A lot has taken place in the world of crypto mining this year. Bitcoin hash rate and difficulty levels have hit record highs. New companies such as Blockstream have ventured into the space while existing companies have expanded their infrastructure with new facilities dedicated towards mining being developed. But the biggest mining event of the year is yet to come. 

Global Mining Leaders Summit 2019 will be the first English crypto mining event in China. The event will take place this October in the Sichuan province, a region which accounts for approximately half of the Bitcoin network’s hash rate worldwide. 

The event is organized by mining publication From October 12th to 14th, this exclusive event will bring together the highest calibre leaders from all sectors of the mining industry.

Attendees on Crypto Mining Event

Attendees are limited to 300 with many top tier companies already confirmed for attendance. Keynotes and panel discussions will provide attendees with key insights into the industry. Speakers from Canaan, Slush Pool, and CoinShares will be sharing their expertise, and many more well known mining names are scheduled to speak. 

The conference provides the opportunity to connect with industry professionals who lead large mining companies globally. A mining farm tour will be organised for a number of attendees on the 14th. The trip will provide rare access to one of the most successful mining operations in the Sichuan region with a scenic detour to cultural landmarks including Mount Emei and the Leshan Buddha.

Networking opportunities will also be facilitated with dinners, cocktail parties, and exclusive meetings. Although much has happened in the mining world this year, the biggest mining partnerships, connections, and ideas are set to be formed at Global Mining Leaders Summit 2019.


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