EA Uses “Crypto” To Promote Apex Legends

Even if most of the people went crazy after the recent tweet from EA, the hard truth is that they just using Crypto as a name for the their new in-game Champion in Apex Legends.

An hour later they twitted again, giving more information about the new season of Apex Legends which includes the new Champion “Crypto”. In other words Electronic Arts is using the word “Crypto” to just create more fuss for the new patch.

EA Publicity Stunt For “Crypto” Is Welcomed

Hype is welcomed, but that was nothing more than a P.R. stunt from Electronics Arts. At this point we have to note that Apex Legends has around 8-10 million players per week.

Even if a small chunk of players do their “research” about “Crypto”, google isn’t going to give them the answer they are looking for. Instead, they will get bombarded with a variety of results about the real crypto.

EA brave

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