Amazon building

Amazon Looking For New Software Developer To Build Blockchain Ads

Amazon recently posted a job offer on Linkedin for a software developer with experience in blockchain. The online retail giant wants to grow its advertisement business by leveraging its online ...
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Enter World of Ether

World of Ether is a decentralized collectible dueling game that lives inside of a browser on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The game is centered around the collection, breeding, and fighting ...
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New York Times Believes Blockchain Can Help Fight Fake News

At the core of a new research project of the New York Times seems to be blockchain technology. With this new project New York Times wants to make " the ...
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Opera touch

iOS Has Now a Blockchain Ready Opera Touch Browser

Smells like adoption to me. Apple users can now use dApps ( decentralized applications ) straight from their Opera Touch browser without the need of third-party extensions. Opera touch is ...
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Google chainlink

Google Getting Ready for Blockchain Revolution with Chainlink

Following an article from Google blog on June 13, Google described a few applications of making internet-hosted data available inside an immutable public blockchain: placing BigQuery data available on-chain using ...
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