First Crypto Banks In Switzerland Receive Licences

The Swiss financial regulator has awarded banking and securities dealer licences to two new “crypto banks”. SEBA and Sygnum have been cleared to operate in the new world of tokenised ...
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Estonian Startup Veriff Partners With Blockchain

Veriff, an Estonian personal identification services startup has been chosen by Blockchain, the leading provider of cryptocurrency products, for its online identity verification services. Veriff will be tasked with user ...
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vitalik buterin

Vitalik Buterin: Scalability Is Becoming a Problem

Vitalik Buterin in a recent interview with a journalist from, said that "Ethereum blockchain is almost full". He suggested that in order to improve the situation, the networks need ...
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Entrepreneurs Have an Enormous Opportunity With Open Financial Tools on the Blockchain

Outside of all the consistent price speculation and novelty of cryptocurrencies, a compelling trend toward a more open and accessible financial ecosystem has materialized. Underscoring this movement is the expansion ...
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Samsung bitcoin

Samsung Finally Adds Bitcoin Support to Its Blockchain Phones

Samsung has finally integrated bitcoin functionality on its blockchain-enabled smartphones. Until now, the company's flagship smartphones were offering only cryptocurrency storage and transactions for ethereum and related ERC-20 tokens. The ...
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