“The Justice” of Lightning Network

"Justice" exist in Bitcoin lighting network. If you are confused with the use of the word justice let me explain. Bitcoin lighting network has an integrated punitive mechanism that we ...
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Bitcoin Price rocket

Bitcoin Price Hits 9800! Altcoins follow

Bitcoin continues to surge in the past few days hitting almost $9800 today. Bitcoin's marketcap is around $174 billion with the trading volume around $20.7 billion and the BTC dominance ...
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Bitcoin arrow marketcap

Bitcoin Price Breaks $9000

Bitcoin price reached almost $9350 earlier today finding resistance on this price level. Trading volume is strong enough ($22.5 billion on last 24 hours) for bitcoin to give one more ...
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exchanges pass

10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Passed Wash Trading Test

Only 10 out of 83 cryptocurrency exchanges, analyzed by crypto investment company Bitwise Asset Management, passed a test aimed to show if they were reporting systematically inflated bitcoin trading volumes ...
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Craig Wright not satoshi

US Copyright Office Does Not “Recognize” Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto

The past few days have been a craze in the crypto-space. Craig Wright or "Faketoshi", the CEO of Bitcoin SV, filed copyright registrations for the Bitcoin white paper authored under ...
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