Samsung bitcoin

Samsung Finally Adds Bitcoin Support to Its Blockchain Phones

Samsung has finally integrated bitcoin functionality on its blockchain-enabled smartphones. Until now, the company's flagship smartphones were offering only cryptocurrency storage and transactions for ethereum and related ERC-20 tokens. The ...
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Bitcoin warrior

Bitcoin The Legendary Immortal Warrior

If Bitcoin was a living being, it would for sure be a legendary immortal warrior, as it has died and came to life more than 350 times since its conception ...
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US FEDERAL RESERVE BY AgnosticPreachersKid

US Federal Reserve Will Launch Its Own Payment System

The US Federal Reserve Board on Monday announced that the Federal Reserve Banks will develop a new round-the-clock real-time payment and settlement service, called the FedNow℠ Service, to support faster ...
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Bitcoin arrow marketcap

Bitcoin Gains 8,5% While Unique Addresses Drop 28.5%

Today Bitcoin's price gained 8,5% reaching $11850 at some point. In the last 6 days, the king of cryptocurrencies show a total 25% increase from $9400 to $11750. Bitcoin Price ...
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bitcoin mobile wallet

Bitcoin Is About the People

Today's atricle isn't about the price of bitcoin nor a blockchain technology breakthrough. It is a story of a man that accidentally got 1.07 BTC. Reddit user doubledowndope shared his ...
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