weiss crypto

Weiss Crypto Rating Changes This Month

Weiss crypto ratings changed this month. More specifically, Litecoin scored B+ for Tech/Adoption and D on Risk/Reward and is ranked 3rd at the moment. Cardano also scored better ratings and ...
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BitMEX CEO Shares His Thoughts

BitMEX CEO Talks About Satoshi And Bitcoin

In a recent interview on Bloomberg, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes was asked about his thoughts regarding Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin. “I think they’re already dead.”, he said. His ...
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Crypto lost

Crypto Lost 45 Billions In Four Days

In fewer than 4 days crypto lost around 45 billion dollars. Bitcoin is priced at $8050 and Ethereum at 166$. But is this really the bottom? To answer this question, ...
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FunFair Wallet

FunFair Wallet Will “Try To Boost Blockchain Adoption”

Decentralized casino supplier FunFair Technologies has launched a fresh crypto wallet and enhanced user interface that now supports any browser and computer. Designed specifically to enhance the user experience for ...
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BTC Down 17% In 2 Days

BTC down 17% in 2 days. But it had happened before. As of September 25, BTC has lost 17% of its value and it even touched 22% losses, but came ...
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