Cryptocratist: A New Start

Following yesterday’s post on cryptocratist Facebook page, today I will explain the reasons behind it. But let’s start from the beginning. About a year ago I had an idea of creating a webpage about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that will try to make people understand the usefulness of such terminologies.

 In contrast to most people that work in the space right now, my first experience with bitcoin was in early 2011. After reading bitcoin’s whitepaper I was stunned. So I read it again and again, and every time I finished reading it I was more fascinated than the previous time. It felt like a new world was opening in front of my eyes. But then again it was not enough. Bitcoin is so simple and complicated at the same time that in order to understand what it is you first had to understand why it was created.

Money And Bitcoin

So to understand why it was created, first I needed to understand the definition of money. You see money in the end is nothing more than a tool. A tool that offers different kinds of freedom depending  how much you have. Since money is an ancient invention I had to go all the way back to understand how ancient communities were using it. After following the progression of money through the ages I understood that the definition of it was kind of abstract. I say that because in human history different things have been money on different time periods and different places. From cowry shells to metals, grain, tobacco, gold and what we have today as money, fiat currency.

After all that, I was closer to understand why bitcoin was created and why it could make a huge difference in this corrupted world we live in. I fell in love with it. It was freedom masked with coding. A freedom no one could stop. It was unique and it had a purpose for someone to believe in it. But there is only one problem, humans and their thirst for more money. Bitcoin is money but mostly is freedom. Guess for which one most people went for. You are right, money. So the space suddenly filled with experts speculating its price, scammers who used it to extort people, companies that gathered money in the name of Bitcoin only to collapse and disappear. It felt like the whole thing was following the wrong path.

We All Can Be Cryptocratists

So in the end of 2018 I thought of trying to help people know about what bitcoin truly stands for. I wanted to put my own small brick on the wall. That was the sole reason was created. After eleven months I was sick of most communities. I realized no one cared about the freedom it gives but only the profits. But I know that I am not the only one who is sick of these communities, the scammers, the “trusted exchange companies” and all kind of bad things that are hurting Bitcoin. From now on won’t advocate the “news” of crypto-space but rather the truth of the crypto-space. At least the truth as I understand it.

I believe there is still time to change the beliefs of people about the crypto-space. At the moment people are scared of it, and I can’t really blame them after all the various bad incidents that have happened in the past. Even if I sound somewhat romantic I still believe knowledge is the key to change everything. So as the first cryptocratist I will try my best sharing my own personal opinion and view on various things on crypto-space. My first target on my next article will be Bitcoin Cash and what people behind it tried to do. Until then be safe and always careful.

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