Crypto Makes The Game World Free

Crypto makes the game world free. Now, every time a new game release and you jump onto it you end up loosing everything from your last game. All the hours you spent, all the items you have got and everything stays back and you start from zero.

The only thing that differentiates you from other players is the experience you got by playing that type of game. But in the end the only one who knows how much experience you got, is you. Because you left everything you earned in the previous games.

If someone haven’t been a gamer is hard to understand the frustration of ripping away what you have done in the gaming world. The gaming world is consisted by many type of players. All these players have one thing in common, prestige.

The prestige can be among friends or the whole world. Every gamer is driven by the friendly competition of the game world. Even if you haven’t done much now you may have done enough in the past. Why companies should take away your precious spent time, every time they release a new game?

Crypto Comes In The Game

So, is there anything crypto can do to help the gaming world and the gamers? Probably yes. Crypto is a great tool to transfer value in the digital world where games exist. But how it could work? It could work in many ways, it depends on what we want to do.

But let’s make an example. Let’s say you are playing a game for the last seven years. Suddenly the company announce game 2 will hit the stores in a year from now. You are excited at first but the next day you log in to the game and suddenly you think of how much you will miss some of the items. You know, that astonishingly beautiful and powerful bow it took you three months to acquire. Or the Pegasus you got from clearing first the new raid.

All of these will be a relic of the past. What a bummer! But wait we said that crypto can help. It can, by connecting in a unique way the player with the games. So imagine on top of simple items in a game, there are also items created on a blockchain. The only difference with the simple items is that if you leave the game and start playing some other game which utilize the same blockchain with the previous game, you can transfer the items. Think it as a universal stash for game items.

Other than items, in game currency is also an issue. Every game has it’s own. But what if every in game currency is connected to single game currency making it easier to transfer it from one game to another.

We can fix all these by creating a blockchain gaming platform that will start connecting different games.

How Far Are We From Crypto Getting In The Game World

The current technology is enough to create something like this and start experimenting. But if we take into consideration the recent incident of Blizzard banning a Hearthstone player for supporting Honk Kong protests, I don’t think companies like Blizzard are ready to set their people free in the near future.

And connected games are the same as freedom. Transferring value from game to game can make a game weak or strong. And if the game is weak or strong the company behind it is as well.

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