Crypto Index On NASDAQ To Eliminate Fake Volume

Crypto index gets listed on NASDAQ, the world’s second-largest stock exchange. The index is designed to eradicate fake trading volumes.

Created by Cryptoindex in May of 2017, the CIX100 index tracks the 100 best-performing cryptocurrencies by pulling data from nine top exchanges. The index is up 1097.73% since its launch date.

“The team is honored to be listed on Nasdaq, which has always been a key platform for institutional investors to monitor traditional indices. Now it’s time for a cryptocurrency one.

Cryptoindex’s methodology meets the needs and requirements of heavily regulated asset managers, plus institutional and professional investors.”

Cryptoindex announcement

Moreover, clean and reliable crypto data continues to address allegations detailed earlier this year by Bitwise Asset Management. Bitwise said that 95% of unregulated crypto exchanges pump up figures and fudge activity, spitting out fake data.

source Cryproindex Facebook Page

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