Breaking: Binance is about to move 9001 BTC!

Minutes ago Binance’s CEO CZ confirmed on twitter that Binance is going to move 9001 BTC ($83 million at current BTC price of $9200) .

There will be a transfer of 9001 BTC soon, no need to FUD.

He also added that the move of funds is for a good thing and details will follow, as they did.

Binance Dex

Binance will introduced a Bitcoin-Pegged Token on Binance Chain. On their announcement Binance explained that the main benefit of offering crypto-pegged tokens is that, obviously, this makes available to Binance DEX traders the many coins that have their own blockchains and aren’t native on Binance Chain.

With the increase in the selection of tokens available on Binance DEX, there should be an increase in trading volume and liquidity, This would further increase the utility value of Binance DEX.

This is also the reason of the 9001 BTC transfer as they reserved the 9001 BTC to mint 9001 BTCB.

For more details you can read Binance’s announcement here.

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