Bitcoin Price Hits 9800! Altcoins follow

Bitcoin continues to surge in the past few days hitting almost $9800 today. Bitcoin’s marketcap is around $174 billion with the trading volume around $20.7 billion and the BTC dominance at 57.9%.

The bullish trend seems to continue as bitcoin continuously creates higher highs and higher lows. The next resistance level will be around $10000.

Bitcoin price
BTC Daily candle chart by Trading View

At the moment it is very difficult to say what will happen with bitcoin’s price as we have to wait to see what will happen when price level hit $10000. It will be either FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) driving the price up or people who bought on lower levels will take some profits driving the price a bit down. In any case it is a 50-50 scenario as always.

Altcoins follow Bitcoin Trend for now

Top altcoins followed bitcoin having 2-7% gains on the same day. Ethereum $286.54 (up 6.62%), Litecoin $137.66 (up 2.36%) , Bcash $430 (up 5.19%) , EOS $6.99 (up 3.48%) , BNB $37.60 (up 3.64%).

We have to note that most altcoins are still very cheap compared to their all time highs, meaning there is still a lot of room for them to grow in price, making them a bit more attractive to invest.

CoinAll Time High Price

This post have no intention of giving financial advises to its readers and it is simply mentioning the facts. You can check all coins marketcap on our site’s section Marketcap.

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