Bitcoin Price Breaks $9000

Bitcoin price reached almost $9350 earlier today finding resistance on this price level. Trading volume is strong enough ($22.5 billion on last 24 hours) for bitcoin to give one more try to surpass $9350 and move even higher the following days.

Furthermost hitting $9350 was also a 13-month high for bitcoin and we are looking forward to see how things going to play next days and weeks.

Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin weekly candles

There is a variety of mixed news both bad and good, that could possibly play their part on how the price of bitcoin is going to move.

Bitcoin price Affecting Altcoins

Altcoins seem to follow the bitcoin trend for now gaining from 1-5%. Ethereum is at $271 and Litecoin at $135. We need to note that Litecoin halving is 50 days from now and that Ethereum is moving to POS instead of POW in the near future.

These events will be cornerstones for both cryptocurrencies and will have a huge impact affecting them either positively or negatively

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