Bitcoin Is Backed By Trust, Our Trust

People who support that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, have no idea about the concept of money or serve personal or other interests. The concept of money is an ancient abstract invention that helped people find a common ground in order to exchange goods or services. In other words money is just a human tool to make our lives a little easier on how we conduct business with each other.

That brings us to today. The money we are using are trusted by the people because the governments say they can be trusted. Money supply is primarily manipulated by a combined effort of politicians and bankers. Politics and economy shouldn’t be the same thing, they should balance its others power.

As we getting closer to the next economic crisis, we see big tech corps like Facebook trying to get in the game of money creating their own digital currency. If you have ever wondered why they do that, it is quite simple, they want to make corporate money the new option.

Bitcoin Have The Trust

Even if the recent data leaks from Facebook had a very bad impact on the company’s image they still have a tremendous number of users. But is this the right choice? If it comes to trust I don’t think so. The only kind of money that can be trusted and is it trusted by a lot of people is Bitcoin.

If people didn’t trust Bitcoin, it wouldn’t have any value. But it does. And not only has value but it is steadily gaining more and more value as more people are trusting it. Using the quote written on the paper dollar I am going to say “In Bitcoin we trust”.

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