Bitcoin Doesn’t Care About Market “Gravity”

Bitcoin is in a ridiculously good mood the last few days, after touching $13000 today.

We wake up everyday and the price is $1000 up, like it’s a normal thing. But Bitcoin is not normal, it is the opposite of normal. It’s a borderless, open, public, decentralized, censorship-resistant power. A power that anyone can obtain but no one can control.

So we can all try to predict what will happen with bitcoin but in reality we are all “John Snows” in this. I like what is happening right now, I think most of us. So instead of bashing our heads on the wall asking about why Bitcoin is rising, I suggest we should relax and enjoy the ride.

Bitcoin is unpredictable

This point of view is not because I am too bored to look around for reasons, it’s exactly the opposite. I looked too much as of why and in the end all I understood is that various combinations of reasons might be responsible for the past 2 weeks for Bitcoin.

The funny thing is that all of them have an equal percentage as to if they are the reasons behind the rise. So unless we have something more tangible information, everything is 50-50.

I know this article might not help you with your investments as it is not intended to give financial advises. The reason of this article to ease your mind and take a more relaxed view on things.

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