Another New Faketoshi Appears With A Bitcoin Trademark Submission

Apparently, a week before new Faketoshi’s “reveal story”, a trademark application for Bitcoin was filed to United States patent and trademark office.

The application was submitted on August 7 by Benjamin Capital Management Group Inc, which is located in New York.

Faketoshi trademark submission

Benjamin Capital Management Group Inc. is described as a FinTech company that works to accelerate innovation in crypto currencies as well as providing Blockchain consulting to the network. It was founded by Peter Benjamin in 1998(?) who also says he is known as “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

The credits for finding this submission goes to the reddit user theochino. The first mention of the trademark’s submission was on twitter by an account with the name @SatoshiReveal which seems to be an account that is mainly trolling the latest story of the new Faketoshi.

Is There A Connection Between Faketoshis?

It is unlikely for these stories to be connected as the names of the people who claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto are different and there wasn’t any mention of Benjamin Capital Management Group in the latest “reveal” story.

On the previous atricle about the new Faketoshi’s story I said I will comment when the full story is revealed. Now is the time to say a few things about the “reveal”.

The Mistakes Of Faketoshi’s “Reveal”

First of all, many mistakes were found on the story which Satoshi himself wouldn’t do, like when he mentions the Cypherpunk movement as “cuberpunks”.

Secondly the reason that makes new Faketoshi unable to move his 980000 BTC is that the hard drive where the bitcoins were stored had a fatal failure which is very convenient for an excuse. I need to add here, that from my professional experience with data recovery services I know that getting data out of a broken hard drive at that time had relatively high success rate, more than 95%.

One more reason for which I believe the story is a fake is that Bilad Khalid Kaan (new Faketoshi’s real name) is that he claims numerology and astrology used as ways to encrypt his identity.

Lastly, I need to say that everyone was expecting that some kind of project will appear after the “reveal” which it did and the its name is Tabula Rasa. There are not enough information about Tabula Rasa for the time being but it is expected to be a “new vision coin”.

Image credits Bloomberg via Getty Images

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