A Brave new world

Since Cryptocratist is all about advantages and innovations of the blockchain technology and the projects around it, Brave web browser is certainly a project that requires our attention.

It does what all the other browsers do, just faster and safer. Also it has a cool logo; I think the lion’s head is appropriate for a web browser that base its fundamentals on security and user privacy.

Brave browser is based on the Chromium web browser, has a build-in ad-blocker, does not store your browsing data, upgrades insecure connections to HTTPS secure connections when it’s possible and many more that you can read in detail here.

But mostly, Brave web browser is known because it has an open-source decentralized ad exchange platform based on Ethereum, integrated on top of it. This platform allow the users to tip content creators who like, with BAT (Basic Attention Token). Some notable examples of major websites that currently support BAT tipping are Twitch.tv, Washington Post, The Guardian, Vimeo, MarketWatch, Barron’s and Vice. In future update there are plans to implement BAT ads, a program designed to pay users with BAT for viewing advertisements as compensation for their attention.

The big picture

Brave browser can be downloaded by the average internet user. This effectively means that the users of the browser, will start to be curious about the BAT rewards and will want to spend them or earn them leading them to learn more about cryptocurrencies,  blockchain technology and decentralization. You can download and explore Brave browser here.

As I see it, it is a very good move from the cryptocurrency and blockchain community to further boost adoption. The browser will essentially let you choose if you want to watch ads from trusted vendors and get paid in Basic Attention Tokens or block every ad from everyone and let you browse in peace.

It is really a win to win situation for everyone. It has also the ability to reshape how content creators and artists get paid since users can tip BAT to anyone they like, as long as the receivers are signed on the BAT reward program which is really easy thing to do. You can sign up for the rewards program here.

Brave and Basic Attention Token

The reality is BAT really got some attention. BAT’s price is increasing and there are 3 different reasons that can cause this upwards movement. The first reason is, that traders who use BAT as a trading asset, are going through a “buy the rumor sell the news” type of situation.

The second reason is that the users are really using BAT for what its purpose really is, effectively driving the price up because of supply the demand situation.

The third reason might be a combination of the two reasons above, making the price to rise steadily upwards. Even though what goes up must go down sometime, meaning a correction will happen caused by the cryptocurrency market cap in general or “sell the news” trader strategy on the coin itself.

2019 started with BAT’s price around 0.13$. On April 1st price reached 0.30$ increasing about 130%. BAT has continued to grow since April reaching 0.48$ on  26th of the same month. As we speak BAT is trading around 0.38$ with a market cap around 480 million dollars and 24 hour volume of 44.8 million dollars.

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